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Hi guys! Old guest book is closed, and here is new one. In both Japanese and English, don't worry if the strange characters are shown on your monitor!^^
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▼ Question [RES]
  Diana   ++ ..2020/04/14(火) 22:10  No.154
Hello, Nao Yazawa, I have a question.
The korean company "Clue" released a new edition of the jewellery box. Do you think they will release new editions of the other merch as well? Because I've searched the whole internet (also some japanese websites) for example for the magical floral bouquet of Momoko/Wedding Peach, but found just one exemplar for an impossible price about 800 dollars (which is an insolence I think just because it's a vintage item. I'm sure an item like this cost just round 30 dollars when it came out in the 90's. To demand a price like this is just an insolence for an item which was surley made in china by cheap workers who will never see this money.)
So I hope this korean company will release new editions of the other items too, that would be great. Do you think they will release them?
Greetings, Diana.

▼ なんかそっくりのようです [RES]
  快特京急久里浜   ++ ..2018/06/28(木) 23:52  No.153

▼ Make another series of Wedding Peach PLEASE!! [RES]
  Kelly   ++ ..2017/11/08(水) 08:21  No.152
Hi Miss! I'm a huge fans of Wedding Peach! Your work remarks my childhood and I'd been watching it again and again recently. I would be thrilled if your team can work another series of this wonderful comic in the coming years, so that the children in this generation can have a chance to enjoy the treasure together as I did. Wedding Peach is different from other comics nowadays because it taught us what pure love and true friendship are which most of the comics/ animations do not teach. So please, make it happen again. :))
And it would be great if Momoko and Yosuke can get married.

▼ 無題 [RES]
  Daniel   ++ ..2017/04/05(水) 01:18  No.151
I am considering to do a course from you to help me become a mangaka the type of course I want is learning this art style by Akira Matsishima

▼ uhhh [RES]
  Yuria   ++ ..2016/12/02(金) 04:51  No.149
this is an awesome site!

▼ Re:uhhh
  Yuriko   ++ ..2016/12/02(金) 04:54  No.150